Sometimes I Cry when Blue Sky Rains

Robert G. Williscroft

 The poems in this volume span over fifty years of my life. Many were written while I chased the elusive mistress on submarine patrol duty, and others in my expanding search from the Tropical Pacific to deep in the Arctic Ice Pack. The interludes are there, of course; and my former wife and son would tell you they weren’t enough.

Even now, as I watch the sun setting behind St. Augustine Volcano in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, the melancholy music is as real as it was when I wrote that poem as a young man in 1960.

Join me then. Share with me my loves, dreams, search, pain and – yes – my resignation. Not from life, but rather to the inevitable process of life that ultimately forces each one of us to reevaluate, to look again.


Loving you forever
Woman is desire
I Love You
To live is to love
O, how I yearn to tell you all
The savory essence of living
In our own way
my head is full of love
Brazen creature
fundamentally unchecked
i have lost
i can not fail
You intoxicate me
I am not done with
Forever, not a word
Cosmic View
perhaps there is something
the climb
Ghostly phantom, distance shrouded
The quiet creaking around us
I’m shrouded by Atlantic waters
Sometimes I cry when blue sky rains
Just yesterday I heard a man say
Let yesterday
I’m a loner
I look out tonight
Illusive Mistress
Woman, Woman, why do I leave you
Im cold and lonely
An hour till dawn
Time and place
i love You separated by
The sea runs cold
I live beneath the sea
Loneness cramps my gut 
The sea is nearly calm tonight
I saw You once and said
My thoughts choke
Melancholy music
My love is a flaming pillar
SwingBaby! Sway
Alone I love you why
I miss you tonight
The sun shines brightly
Eponymous Lady
Even now your reach and
In my book, Miss
If I were not
I Don’t Cry Anymore
do you know my love
Flowing ochre blends shadow
The girl I married
I can walk through life alone
What do you get out of it?
In everything I see and do
Two fortnights twice
Hate youmy sons mother
I don’t cry anymore 
I’ve wandered ‘round the world
Before you