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CategoryTitleThrawn Rickle
Education-01The Sorry State of Education in the U.S.11
Education-02The Forgotten Resource12
Education-03Training – Education58
Energy-01Atomic Power07
Energy-02Nuclear Waste08
Energy-03Alternative Power09
Energy-04Energy Sources – Solar Power Satellites10
Energy-06Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators21
General-02Responsibility, Accountability, and Culpability17
General-04Responsibility, Accountability – Blaming19
General-05Press Responsibility34
General-06Gun Control38
General-08Heroism and the Press40
General-09Police Misbehavior43
General-12Ethics vs. Morality46
General-13Birth and Death47
General-15Dixie Lee Ray50
General-16Freedom and Accountability51
General-17Semantics (missing)52
General-18Political Hyperspace (missing)54
General-19Freedom Argentine Style56
General-20Economic Aid57
General-21Free Will59
General-22Islam – A Religion of Violence60
General-23The Real Biological Terror Threat61
General-24The Professor and the Cadet63
General-25The Politics of Democracy in the Arab World65
General-26The Puzzle Machine or What is a Chicken, Exactly?68
General-28We’ve Always Done It That Way70
General-29Why I Believe – and What71
General-30To Live Forever – Or At Least As Long As Possible72
General-31Spinning Out of Control73
General-32I Can See Clearly Now75
General-33Bring On the Immigrants77
General-34EXXON VALDEZ – 15 Years Later80
General-35Decreasing Term Life82
General-36Controlling Conflict Diamonds83
General-37Through a Glass Darkly84
General-38Racism – Alive and Well in Southern California85
General-39A Bit of Planning and a Lot of Luck – A Graduate Course in High Adventure87
General 40The Eagle has Landed90
General-41Operation Plowshare91
General-42New Jersey Prof Urges Fragging of U.S. Officers94
General-43Amanda vs. the Feds – Round One95
General-44The Enemy is Islam97
Government-01The IRS14
Government-02The National Debt25
Government-03Forest Service Accounting29
Government-04Forest Service Pricing30
Government-05Post Office Drop Boxes31
Government-06Government-by the Bureaucrat, for the Bureaucrat66
Green-01Exxon Valdez Spill01
Green-02It’s Not Easy Being Green02
Green-03Green Politics03
Green-04The Ozone Hole04
Green-05Earth Day 199005
Green-06The Nature Conservancy06
Green-07Greenhouse Effect22
Green-08Pollution – Overpopulation28
Green-09Saddam Oil Slick35
Green-10Acid Rain – NAPAP36
Green-12Ozone, Ozone Everywhere – and How the Acorns Fall62
Science-02Drought – Antarctic Water16
Science-03Electric Cars24
Science-04Xanthine Oxidase26
Science-05Space Exploration27
Science-06Lead Crystal37
Science-07Japan in Space41
Science-08Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle48
Science-09AIDS – HIV53
Science-10Beam me up, Scotty!64
Science-11The Cosmic Speed Limit67
Science-12The Twenty-First Century Black Death Syndrome74
Science-13How Big is Big?78
Science-14The Cosmic Speed Limit Revisited79
Science 15The Hollow Earth86
Science-16Time Waits for No Man81
Science-17The Hollow Earth86
Science-18What is a Theory?–Revisited88
Science-19The Iapetus Mystery89
Science-20How About those Little People92
Science-21How About those Little Cars93
Science-22The Absolute Nature of a Relative Universe96
Weapons-01Tactical Nukes – Nuclear Devices23
Weapons-02Accidental Nuclear War32
Weapons-03Deliberate Nuclear War33
Weapons-04SIS – Surreptitious Importation Strike42
Weapons-05Preemptive War76

By Thrawn Rickle Number

Thrawn Rickle
01Exxon Valdez SpillGreen-01
 02It’s Not Easy Being GreenGreen-02
 03Green PoliticsGreen-03
 04The Ozone HoleGreen-04
 05Earth Day 1990Green-05
 06The Nature ConservancyGreen-06
 07Atomic PowerEnergy-01
 08Nuclear WasteEnergy-02
 09Alternative PowerEnergy-03
 10Energy Sources – Solar Power SatellitesEnergy-04
 11The Sorry State of Education in the U.S.Education-01
 12The Forgotten ResourceEducation-02
 14The IRSGovernment-01
 16Drought – Antarctic WaterScience-02
 17Responsibility, Accountability, and CulpabilityGeneral-02
 19Responsibility, Accountability – BlamingGeneral-04
 21Radioisotope Thermoelectric GeneratorsEnergy-06
 22Greenhouse EffectGreen-07
 23Tactical Nukes – Nuclear DevicesWeapons-01
 24Electric CarsScience-03
 25The National DebtGovernment-02
 26Xanthine OxidaseScience-04
 27Space ExplorationScience-05
 28Pollution – OverpopulationGreen-08
 29Forest Service AccountingGovernment-03
 30Forest Service PricingGovernment-04
 31Post Office Drop BoxesGovernment-05
 32Accidental Nuclear WarWeapons-02
 33Deliberate Nuclear WarWeapons-03
 34Press ResponsibilityGeneral-05
 35Saddam Oil SlickGreen-09
 36Acid Rain – NAPAPGreen-10
 37Lead CrystalScience-06
 38Gun ControlGeneral-06
 40Heroism and the PressGeneral-08
 41Japan in SpaceScience-07
 42SIS – Surreptitious Importation StrikeWeapons-04
 43Police MisbehaviorGeneral-09
 46Ethics vs. MoralityGeneral-12
 47Birth and DeathGeneral-13
 48Heisenberg Uncertainty PrincipleScience-08
 50Dixie Lee RayGeneral-15
 51Freedom and AccountabilityGeneral-16
 53AIDS – HIVScience-09
 54Political HyperspaceGeneral-18
 56Freedom Argentine StyleGeneral-19
 57Economic AidGeneral-20
 58Training – EducationEducation-03
 59Free WillGeneral-21
 60Islam – A Religion of ViolenceGeneral-22
 61The Real Biological Terror ThreatGeneral-23
 62Ozone, Ozone Everywhere – and How the Acorns FallGreen-12
 63The Professor and the CadetGeneral-24
 64Beam me up, Scotty!Science-10
 65The Politics of Democracy in the Arab WorldGeneral-25
 66Government-by the Bureaucrat, for the BureaucratGovernment-06
 67The Cosmic Speed LimitScience-11
 68The Puzzle Machine or What is a Chicken, Exactly?General-26
 70We’ve Always Done It That WayGeneral-28
 71Why I Believe – and WhatGeneral-29
 72To Live Forever – Or At Least As Long As PossibleGeneral-30
 73Spinning Out of ControlGeneral-31
 74The Twenty-First Century Black Death SyndromeScience-12
 75I Can See Clearly NowGeneral-32
 76Preemptive WarWeapons-05
 77Bring On the ImmigrantsGeneral-33
 78How Big is Big?Science-13
 79The Cosmic Speed Limit RevisitedScience-14
 80EXXON VALDEZ – 15 Years LaterGeneral-34
 81Time Waits for No ManScience-15
 82Decreasing Term LifeGeneral-35
 83Controlling Conflict DiamondsGeneral-36
 84Through a Glass DarklyGeneral-37
85Racism – Alive and Well in Southern CaliforniaGeneral-38
86The Hollow EarthScience-17
87A Bit of Planning and a Lot of Luck – A Graduate Course in High AdventureGeneral-39
88What is a Theory?–RevisitedScience-18
89The Iapetus MysteryScience-19
90The Eagle has LandedGeneral-40
91Operation PlowshareGeneral-41
92How About those Little PeopleScience-20
93How About those Little CarsScience-21
94New Jersey Prof Urges Fragging of U.S. OfficersGeneral-42
95Amanda vs. the Feds – Round OneGeneral-43
96The Absolute Nature of a Relative UniverseScience-22
97The Enemy is IslamGeneral-44