DefenseWatch Articles

These DefenseWatch articles appeared in the online periodical DefenseWatch, published by Soldiers for the Truth (now Stand for the Troops), the military website created by Col. David Hackworth (“Hack”) between 2001 and 2005, before his untimely death from cancer on May 4, 2005. At the time, approximately 60,000 readers regularly read the articles. Since their publication, the SFTT website has undergone drastic changes, and the offsite links originally connecting to these articles are now gone. The articles appearing below are in their original form, as published in DefenseWatch on the dates listed (and occasionally on other outside sites as indicated).

Challenges to Commando Infiltration 10/10/01
Sailors Getting Rich Battle Experience 10/17/01
COUNTERPOINT- Responding to Dr. Koontz Interview10/24/01
Nuclear Weapons Should Not Be Ruled Out10/31/01
Mounting Effective Psychological Operations 11/7/01
Airline Safety: Simple Steps for Better Security11/14/01
In Hand – A Revolution in Command and Control 11/21/01
Terrorist Sleepers-An Ancient Threat 11/28/01
War and Religion- Islam’s Embrace of Violence 12 /01 (Also published in The Sierra Times, Warroom, Forum 1, Topic 63 )
A Nuclear-Armed Iraq Must Be the Next Target 12/12/01
Islam Responds to the Bin Laden Tape 12/19/01
Battle Still Raging for Islamic World Support 12/26/01
The Surreptitious Importation Strike 1/2/02
A New Look at the Nuclear Energy Option 1/9/02
Chernobyl: Reality and Myth 1/16/02
Nuclear Waste and Breeder Reactors – Myth and Promise 1/23/02
Trident Missiles Safe From Unauthorized Launch 1/30/02
Tomorrow�s Submarine Fleet- The Non-nuclear Option 2/6/02 (Also published in, Strategic Affairs, No 038, 2/16/02)
The Economics of Demining Defines Success and Failure 2/13/02
Security, Common Sense and Gen. Joe Foss 2/20/02
Silicon Valley Defeats Old Industrial Complex 2/27/02
New Nuclear Threat Is Based On Junk Science 3/6/02
The Nuclear Posture Review – The Real Story 3/13/02
Violence and Terror- Fundamental to All Islam 3/20/02
The Dirty Nuke – What It Is and Isn’t 3/27/02
Bid the Little Ones Come Unto Me – Forbid Them Not 4/3/02
Project SHAD- Lesson from a Secret Experiment 4/10/02
Navy Program Seeks Officers From the Ranks 4/17/02
Secret Tests May Have Harmed Over 2,000 Sailors 4/24/02
Man In the Sea – A Hidden Cold War Victory 5/1/02
A Contemporary Screenplay- Scenes From Israel 5/8/02
Target Al Jazeera – ‘Information War’ Weapon 5/15/02 (Also published in AFIS Early Bird News Supplement, 5/17/02–Link not available)
We Can Handle the Most Likely Threats 5/22/02
Reckless Science – ‘Nuclear Nightmares’ Exposed 5/29/02
Forensic Seismology – A Weapon in the War on Terror 6/5/02
Don’t Fear an India-Pakistan Nuclear War 6/12/02
Al Qaeda Poses Both Nuclear and Biological Threat 6/19/02
Another Enemy Within – Agency Turf Fights 6/26/02
What We’re Fighting For 7/3/02
How to Take Out Saddam’s Bunker 7/10/02
Mail-Order Terrorism Is On Its Way 7/17/02
The Burrowing Nuke – Its Pros and the Con 7/24/02
Project SHAD – An Update 7/31/02
Osama bin Laden – Dead or Alive 8/7/02
Doing It Right – A Lesson From 9-11 8/14/02
Conflict Diamonds – Funding Terrorism 8/21/02
The Terror King is Dead-Long Live the King! 8/28/02
Only One U.S. Option for Iraq – War 9/4/02
Al Qaeda Winning Arab ‘Hearts and Minds’9/11/02
The ‘Rogue Wave’ Syndrome at NOAA 9/18/02
Lessons From Two Aging Aircraft Carriers10/2/02
Navy Training Undercut by Fraudulent Reports 10/9/02
Navy Warships Are Going Wireless 0/16/02
COTS-Wave of the Military’s Future 10/23/02
Did Bin Laden Motivate the D.C. Serial Shooter? 10/30/02
Terror in the Sky-the Manpad Threat 11/13/02 (Also published in AFIS Early Bird News Supplement)
Airport Security – An Update 11/20/02
Radicals Distort Facts on New Navy Sonar 11/27/02
A Modest Proposal in Response to Terror12/4/02
Looking For Nukes in All The Wrong Places 12/11/02
A Cabinet Post for Intelligence? 12/18/02
The Missile and The ‘Chicken Little’ Syndrome 12/24/02
Only Pre-emptive Attack Can Halt N. Korea 1/1/03 (Also published in Flight Line, Volume Three, Issue 1.0, January 2003; and in The Chosun Journal; Tuesday, Jan 28, 2003; and in The Urban Operations Journal: Korea.)
Twenty Years of Lies over Missile Defense 1/8/03 (Also published in Center for Security Policy: Missile Defense: Twenty Years of Lies over Missile Defense)
… and the Privateer Option against al Qaeda 1/15/03 (Also published in The Urban Operations Journal: Homeland Security.)
E-Bomb- Ultimate Military (and Terrorist) Weapon 1/22/03
Why France and Germany Secretly Help Iraq 1/29/03
The Risk – and Benefits – of Discovery 2/5/03
A Solution for the Shipping Container Threat 2/12/03
The Sheikh and the Fatwa – Partners in Terror 2/19/03
The UAV Threat from Iraq 2/26/03
One Down – More to Go 3/5/03
Either You’re with Us, or … 3/12/03
I Can See Clearly Now 3/17/03
The Wahhabi Trojan Horse in the U.S. Military3/23/03
While One Ba’athist Regime Perishes, the Other Adapts 4/1/03
Next Step- Strip Saddam’s Diplomats of Their ‘Legitimacy’4/7/03
The Politics of Democracy in the Arab World 4/9/03
Hoax Casualty calls—The Opposition’s Latest Weapon 4/14/03
Bringing the Rule of Law to Iraq 4/28/03
End Tricare Oppression of Military Retirees 5/5/03
Tax Scam Targets Military Families 5/19/03
Wahhabi Islam – the Real Enemy of the West 5/30/03
Correcting Flaws in Force Health Protection 6/9/03
The Facts About Depleted Uranium 6/23/03
Combat Zones that ‘See’ Everything 7/14/03
Anti-Terror Weapon- ‘Off With Their Heads’7/26/03
A Futures Market for Terror 8/5/03
Casualty Count a Casualty of Poor Reporting 8/11/03
The Manpad Threat – An Update 8/18/03
A Unified Korea in 60 Days 9/4/03
The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 9/24/03
A Nuclear Iran – the MAD Hatter’s Dance 10/04/03
And From Iraq, the Good News Is 10/17/03
We Have A Situation Here, Mr. President. 10/21/03
Two Heroes, Two Wars, One Memory 10/30/03
The Peace Offer that Wasn’t 11/12/03
Notes from the Islamic Front in War of Ideas 11/17/03
The Osama–Saddam Connection Proved 11/25/03
Sgt. James Alford- They Finally Did the Right Thing 12/10/03
President Bush Sends His Regards 12/22/03
U.S. Army Opens Doors for al Qaeda 12/29/03
Solving the Terror Matrix 1/5/04
Army War College Sponsored a Biased Report 2/3/04
Who Banned the U.S. Flag in Kirkuk? 2/18/04
Navy Reserve and Air National Guard to the Rescue 3/11/04
Depleted Uranium – The Myth that Won’t Go Away 4/8/04
SillyPutty Armor – Promises to Save Soldiers  4/26/04
Confronting Maritime Terrorism 5/12/04
The Language of Terror 6/18/04
Protecting Troops from Insurance Scams 7/30/04
Inaction after Army Recruiters Targeted 8/23/04
The Aircraft Carrier and the Dhow 8/31/04
The 900-Percent Ripoff 9/3/04
When the U-2 Went to Sea 9/7/04
The Wrong Sub for New Warfare Era 9/20/04
Is the Nuclear Submarine Really Invincible? 10/1/04
Dead in the Water, But Not Down 10/7/04
Even When We’re Fast, We’re Slow 10/11/04/
A Boot-Camp Disease That Won’t Go Away 10/13/04
The Passing of Panmonjom 11/8/04
The Atom Bomb and the Fatwa 11/15/04
Lining Up to Steal Your Pension 12/29/04
Semper Fi, General Mattis! 2/14/05
The War of Art 3/10/05
New Federal Law Protects Troops’ Finances 4/5/05
The White Table 5/30/05
When Less is More – Airport Security Fiasco 6/5/05
Tales About Target Stores and Other Myths 8/16/05