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 Interviews with Dr. Robert G. Williscroft

     Most of these interviews took place between August, 2006, and May 2009, during the primary marketing of The Chicken Little Agenda, although I still get interview requests from time to time. The idea was to sell more books, but frequently, the interviewer branched out to whatever was capturing the public's interest at the time of the interview. Several hosts asked me back repeatedly, usually to address another segment of the book. 
     The first interview, however, was  two years earlier on August 29, 2004, when I appeared for an hour with Capt. Dale Dye on his Sunday night
military oriented talk show on KFI in Los Angeles, where we discussed radical Islam and what to do about it.
     Transcripts for the interviews will be available on each interview page as they are produced.

August 29, 2004

Capt. Dale Dye - KFI Talk Radio Los Angeles

In-studio discussion about Radical Islam

August 22, 2006

Bill Handel - KFI Los Angeles

Global Warming, Al Gore, Nukes, TMI & Chernobyl

November 24, 2006

Michael Medved - National talk Show Host (Seattle)

Climate Change, Nukes, Nuke Power

January 11, 2007

John Ziegler - KFI Los Angeles

In-studio interview covering environment-related matters

January 15, 2007

Gary Doyle - CKGL Toronto

Global Warming from a Canadian perspective

January 16, 2007

Michael Medved - National Talk Show Host (Seattle)

On-air debate between me and a Peak Oil Awareness official
January 26, 2007

Jack Boston - WPTF North Carolina Morning News

Global Warming, Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl,  & UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report

February 8, 2007

Troy Hill

Global Warming, Ozone Hole, Nuke Power, Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl

February 22, 2007

Lauren Stone - Livewire 88.5 Ottawa

Global Warming, Al Gore, "It's the Sun!"

March 5, 2007

Lauren Stone - Livewire 88.5 Ottawa

Nuke terrorism, Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl, Nuke Power

March 15, 2007

Lauren Stone - Livewire 88.5 Ottawa

Global Warming, Exceptions to Al Gore predictions

March 29, 2007

Lauren Stone - Livewire 88.5 Ottawa

Ozone Hole, Acid Rain

April 10, 2007

Doc Kirby - On the Bookshelf, WTBF Troy AL

Exxon Valdez, Ozone Hole, "It's the Sun!", Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl, Nuke terrorism

April 12, 2007

Lauren Stone - Livewire 88.5 Ottawa

Global Warming, Acid rain, Ozone Hole, Government

April 25, 2007

Lauren Stone - Livewire 88.5 Ottawa

Conspiracy Theories

July 7, 2007

Rusty Fowler - Talkline Radio - Bothell WA

"Scorpion Down," Plate Tectonics, "Agendas," Global Warming, Green Peace, Exxon Valdez, Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl

July 10, 2007

Mike Bates - Your Turn, WEBY Northwest Florida

Global Warming, "It's the Sun!", Nukes, Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl, Nuke terrorism

August 22, 2007 America's Newsroom w. Megyn Kelly, FOX News Channel
The E-Bomb
September 4, 2007

Phil Cowen - KSTE, Sacramento CA

Global Warming, "Agendas," Ozone Hole, "It's the Sun!", Schools, Al Gore

October 26, 2007

Jean Dean - Viewpoint, WRVC Huntington WV

Global Warming, "Agendas," Space Travel, Nuke Power, Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl, Nukes, Nuke terrorism, Iran

October 30, 2007

Mark Cope & Jesse Jones - Newstalk, KXYL Brownwood TX

Global Warming, "Agendas," "It's the Sun!", Al Gore, Summary of "The Chicken Little Agenda"

November 26, 2007

Jean Dean - Viewpoint, WRVC Huntington WV


December 15, 2007

Barbara Alexander - MoneyDots Monterey CA

Outer Continental Shelf Environment Assessment Program (OCSEAP), Ozone Hole, Three-Mile Island & Chernobyl, Schools, Government, Values

January 19, 2008

Dr. Kent - Blurb! Radio

Antarctica, "It's the Sun!", Nuke terrorism

May 6, 2009

Mornings with Keith & Gail - KCOL Northern Colorado

Soot, No Greenhouse, "It's the Sun!", Consequences, Hydrogen Power

February 22, 2017

Dr. Joyce Knudsen - Image Maker Inc. Media

My background, the South Pole, Arctic, Equator, and my books

March 5, 2017

Jay Lawrence

My background, discussion of shipboard assignments, my SF books

March 11, 2017

Matt Hemstedt - The R and D Show

My background, discussion of all my books

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