Thrawn Rickle 74

The Twenty-first Century Black Death Syndrome

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AIDS has variously been described as the scourge of the century, the worst killer of the millennium, the biggest threat to humanity since the Black Death….

Whether or not these descriptions are accurate or even true, the public’s perception holds AIDS to be this arch villain. It has certainly been the focus of a significant part of the Biotech Industry since President Ronald Reagan’s fateful 1983 announcement about the probable connection between AIDS and HIV.

What we seemed to have identified back then was a disease that not only spread rapidly in male homosexual communities and among recreational drug users, but that also found its way into the heterosexual community at large, and even had begun to spread to people with no particular behavior patterns that put them at risk in the first place. This disease resulted in death 100% of the time, although sometimes it took years for death to occur. We have no way to prevent AIDS, and no way to cure it. To come down with AIDS is a death sentence.

This is scary stuff.

In 1347 when the Bubonic Plague arrived in Europe from China, it spread rapidly  throughout Medieval Europe. At first nobody understood what was happening, but a short five years later 25 million people were dead, and Medieval European society had learned how to control future outbreaks. Victims were isolated as soon as their illness was diagnosed. In fact, the areas in which they lived were isolated. Victim’s bodies were burned along with the buildings they occupied and all their belongings—no exceptions. Where this was assiduously followed, new outbreaks were quickly contained, and the Plague was brought under control. By 1600, after fully 250 years of terror, the Black Death finally disappeared.

Nineteenth Century Europe and even the young United States saw widespread Cholera epidemics that resulted primarily from people not understanding the sanitation needs of large populations living closely together in the developing mega-cities of that time. Once again, the highly contagious outbreaks of this disease were controlled mainly by isolating the sick until they got well or died.

Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Rheumatic Fever, Polio, Small Pox….

Certain diseases are highly contagious. We didn’t make them that way; it simply is in their nature. We now have cures for all these, and even have developed prophylactic immunizations. But when someone comes down with one of these despite our best efforts, the patient is quarantined until the infectious stage passes. The law actually requires this in most cases.

Within this context, the single most contagious disease in today’s world is AIDS. Coupled to its incurability and terminality, of all the diseases requiring quarantine, AIDS should top the list. When a person develops a sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as Syphilis or Gonorrhea, the law requires that all sexual partners be notified immediately, in order to truncate the spread of the infection and give the affected persons necessary treatment. It only stands to reason that we should do this, because the ultimate health safety of each individual is at risk, given the nature STDs.

AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease; it can be transmitted by other means, but primarily, it is sexually transmitted. Unlike most other STDs, AIDS has no cure; and unlike all other STDs, it is 100% terminal. Why, therefore, is AIDS treated differently from all other highly contagious diseases?

In most places in the U.S., when a clinic determines that a person has AIDS, it may not tell anyone. The person’s sex partners are not notified. The person’s family is not notified. Nobody at all is notified. This individual carrying arguably the most deadly known disease is allowed back into the general population with only that person’s own sense of values preventing him or her from transmitting the disease to innocent people, possibly a lot of innocent people. And remember—every individual who contracts AIDS will die, no exceptions.

Is this stupid, or what?

This ludicrous turn of events was engineered by a vociferous coalition of Gays and Liberal activists. They managed to have members of most of the AIDS-at-risk groups politically classified as “minorities,” with protected special rights. Their motivation seems to have been that male homosexuals comprise the predominant membership of most of these groups, and quarantine of these AIDS infected groups in order to halt the spread of AIDS would amount to tacit discrimination against homosexuals in general.

So, for reasons that fall entirely into the whacky political correctness category, the entire population of the United States is at risk, not just of getting sick, but of succumbing to a painful, lingering death.

How utterly stupid can a society be? What insane craziness causes some people to believe that this is the correct way to handle this illness? If AIDS really is what the general society believes, if it really is the scourge of the millennium that is highly contagious, has no cure, and always results in death, then why—in God’s name—are we allowing AIDS infected people to wander about in our general population?

What kind of insanity drives the Liberal Left to foist this situation on the rest of us? If AIDS really is what we believe, then quarantine the entire AIDS population immediately, and bring the epidemic to a screeching halt. Isolate the victims, and the spread of the disease stops immediately. No one else, absolutely no one else gets AIDS. It’s that simple.

On the other hand, if Professor Peter H. Duesberg and Nobel Laureate Kary B. Mullis are correct about AIDS (see Aids – The Disease that Isn’t – Thrawn Rickle 53) then the example I use to illustrate the point of this article is moot. If AIDS really is not the disease we believe it is, then we don’t need draconian measures to control it. This in no way changes the strength of the argument, however, that in insane element in our society is pulling strings that affect each of us individually in profound ways.

If AIDS is not real, then these idiots ended up only spinning their wheels instead of putting all of us at risk. But what if it is? What if Duesberg and Mullis are mistaken? What if HIV really does cause AIDS, and what if AIDS really is the highly virulent, incurable, deadly disease that the rest of the medical establishment tells us it is? Then you and I, your family and mine, our relatives and friends have all been put at deadly risk for the political convenience of a small group of people with a lifestyle that differs dramatically from the norm of our society.

The people who did this to us are as much traitors to what America represents as if they had crossed the line in time of war and physically joined the enemy to fight against us. Whether or not AIDS is real, whether or not HIV is the culprit, whether or not we face deadly peril, the people who caused all the secrecy surrounding AIDS are dangerous fools who should be prosecuted for putting all of us at risk. It is important to understand that they believed AIDS was deadly, and they undertook their actions despite this “danger.” It matters little if it turns out that the danger was not real since they acted with the belief that it was. This is sufficient to convict them in any court, if someone will have the courage to bring up the appropriate charges.

650 years ago 25 million people died because no one understood how important it is to quarantine the sick in this kind of epidemic. Today, if the mainstream medical community is correct about AIDS, the world faces an epidemic that will outkill the Medieval Black Death many times over. But unlike our forbears, we know how to handle this epidemic. We must not let our great nation be sacrificed on the AIDS alter of political correctness.

Submariner, diver, scientist, author & adventurer. 22 mos underwater, a yr in the equatorial Pacific, 3 yrs in the Arctic, and a yr at the South Pole. BS Marine Physics & Meteorology, PhD in Engineering. Authors non-fiction, Cold War thrillers, and hard science fiction. Lives in Centennial, CO.

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