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The Chicken Little Agenda:

Debunking “Experts’” Lies

The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking Experts' Lies

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Challenges to Commando Infiltration 10/10/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 10/10/01)

Sailors Getting Rich Battle Experience 10/17/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 10/17/01)

COUNTERPOINT- Responding to Dr. Koontz Interview 10/24/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 10/24/01)

Nuclear Weapons Should Not Be Ruled Out 10/31/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 10/31/01)

Mounting Effective Psychological Operations 11/7/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 11/7/01)

Airline Safety: Simple Steps for Better Security 11/14/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 11/14/01)

In Hand - A Revolution in Command and Control 11/21/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 11/21/01)

Terrorist Sleepers-An Ancient Threat 11/28/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 11/28/01)

War and Religion- Islam's Embrace of Violence 12/5/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 12/05/01; Also published in The Sierra Times, Warroom, Forum 1, Topic 63 )

A Nuclear-Armed Iraq Must Be the Next Target 12/12/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 12/12/01)

Islam Responds to the Bin Laden Tape 12/19/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 12/19/01)

Battle Still Raging for Islamic World Support 12/26/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 12/26/01)

The Surreptitious Importation Strike 1/2/01 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 1/2/02)

A New Look at the Nuclear Energy Option 1/9/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 1/9/02)

Chernobyl: Reality and Myth 1/16/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 1/16/02)

Nuclear Waste and Breeder Reactors - Myth and Promise 1/23/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 1/23/02)

Trident Missiles Safe From Unauthorized Launch 1/30/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 1/30/01)

Tomorrow´s Submarine Fleet- The Non-nuclear Option 2/6/02 (Offsite links: DefenseWatch; 2/6/02; Also published in, Strategic Affairs, No 038, 2/16/02)

The Economics of Demining Defines Success and Failure 2/13/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 2/13/02)

Security, Common Sense and Gen. Joe Foss 2/20/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 2/20/02)

Silicon Valley Defeats Old Industrial Complex 2/27/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 2/27/02)

New Nuclear Threat Is Based On Junk Science 3/6/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 3/6/02)

The Nuclear Posture Review - The Real Story 3/13/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 3/13/02)

Violence and Terror- Fundamental to All Islam 3/20/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 3/20/02)

The Dirty Nuke - What It Is and Isn't 3/27/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch; 3/27/02)

Bid the Little Ones Come Unto Me - Forbid Them Not 4/3/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/3/02)

Project SHAD- Lesson from a Secret Experiment 4/10/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/10/02)

Navy Program Seeks Officers From the Ranks 4/17/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/17/02)

Secret Tests May Have Harmed Over 2,000 Sailors 4/24/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/24/02)

Man In the Sea - A Hidden Cold War Victory 5/1/02 (Offsite Link: DefenseWatch 5/1/02)

A Contemporary Screenplay- Scenes From Israel 5/8/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 5/8/02)

Target Al Jazeera - 'Information War' Weapon 5/15/02 (Offsite links: DefenseWatch 5/15/02; Also published in AFIS Early Bird News Supplement, 5/17/02--Link not available)

We Can Handle the Most Likely Threats 5/22/02 (Offsite links: DefenseWatch 5/22/02)

Reckless Science - 'Nuclear Nightmares' Exposed 5/29/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 5/29/02)

Forensic Seismology - A Weapon in the War on Terror 6/5/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/5/02)

Don't Fear an India-Pakistan Nuclear War 6/12/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/12/02)

Al Qaeda Poses Both Nuclear and Biological Threat 6/19/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/19/02)

Another Enemy Within - Agency Turf Fights 6/26/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/26/02)

What We're Fighting For 7/3/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 7/3/02)

How to Take Out Saddam's Bunker 7/10/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 7/10/02)

Mail-Order Terrorism Is On Its Way 7/17/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 7/17/02)

The Burrowing Nuke - Its Pros and the Con 7/24/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 7/24/02)

Project SHAD - An Update 7/31/02 (Offsite link:  DefenseWatch 7/31/02)

Osama bin Laden - Dead or Alive 8/7/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/7/02)

Doing It Right - A Lesson From 9-11 8/14/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/14/02)

Conflict Diamonds - Funding Terrorism 8/21/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/21/02)

The Terror King is Dead-Long Live the King! 8/28/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/21/02)

Only One U.S. Option for Iraq – War 9/4/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/4/02)

Al Qaeda Winning Arab 'Hearts and Minds' 9/11/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/11/02)

The 'Rogue Wave' Syndrome at NOAA 9/18/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/18/02)

Lessons From Two Aging Aircraft Carriers 10/2/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/2/02)

Navy Training Undercut by Fraudulent Reports 10/9/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/9/02)

Navy Warships Are Going Wireless 10/16/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/16/02)

COTS-Wave of the Military's Future 10/23/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/23/02)

Did Bin Laden Motivate the D.C. Serial Shooter? 10/30/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/30/02)

Terror in the Sky-the Manpad Threat 11/13/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/13/02; Also published in AFIS Early Bird News Supplement, 11/14/02 – Link only available to authorized users)

Airport Security - An Update 11/20/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/20/02)

Radicals Distort Facts on New Navy Sonar 11/27/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/27/02)

A Modest Proposal in Response to Terror 12/4/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/4/02)

Looking For Nukes in All The Wrong Places 12/11/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/11/02)

A Cabinet Post for Intelligence? 12/18/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/18/02)

The Missile and The 'Chicken Little' Syndrome 12/24/02 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/24/02)

Only Pre-emptive Attack Can Halt N. Korea 1/1/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 1/1/03); Also published in Flight Line, Volume Three, Issue 1.0, January, 2003; and in The Chosun Journal; Tuesday, Jan 28, 2003; and in The Urban Operations Journal: Korea.

Twenty Years of Lies over Missile Defense 1/8/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 1/8/03); Also published in Center for Security Policy: Missile Defense: Twenty Years of Lies over Missile Defense

… and the Privateer Option against al Qaeda 1/15/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 1/15/03); Also published in The Urban Operations Journal: Homeland Security. 

E-Bomb- Ultimate Military (and Terrorist) Weapon 1/22/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 1/22/03)

Why France and Germany Secretly Help Iraq 1/29/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 1/29/03)

The Risk - and Benefits - of Discovery 2/5/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 2/5/03)

A Solution for the Shipping Container Threat 2/12/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 2/12/03)

The Sheikh and the Fatwa - Partners in Terror 2/19/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 2/19/03)

The UAV Threat from Iraq 2/26/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 2/26/03)

One Down – More to Go 3/5/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 3/5/03

Either You’re with Us, or … 3/12/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 3/12/03

I Can See Clearly Now 3/17/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 3/17/03

The Wahhabi Trojan Horse in the U.S. Military 3/23/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 3/23/03

While One Ba’athist Regime Perishes, the Other Adapts 4/1/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/1/03

Next Step- Strip Saddam’s Diplomats of Their ‘Legitimacy’ 4/7/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/7/03)

The Politics of Democracy in the Arab World 4/9/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/9/03

Hoax Casualty calls—The Opposition’s Latest Weapon 4/14/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/14/03

Bringing the Rule of Law to Iraq 4/28/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/28/03

End Tricare Oppression of Military Retirees 5/5/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 5/5/03

Tax Scam Targets Military Families 5/19/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 5/19/03

 Wahhabi Islam – the Real Enemy of the West 5/30/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 5/30/03

Correcting Flaws in Force Health Protection 6/9/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/9/03)

The Facts About Depleted Uranium 6/23/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/23/03

Combat Zones that ‘See’ Everything 7/14/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 7/14/03)

Anti-Terror Weapon- ‘Off With Their Heads’ 7/26/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 7/26/03

A Futures Market for Terror 8/5/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/5/03

Casualty Count a Casualty of Poor Reporting 8/11/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/11/03

The Manpad Threat – An Update 8/18/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/18/03

A Unified Korea in 60 Days 9/4/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/4/03)

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 9/24/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/24/03)

A Nuclear Iran – the MAD Hatter’s Dance 10/04/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/04/03

And From Iraq, the Good News Is 10/17/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/17/03)

 We Have A Situation Here, Mr. President. 10/21/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/21/03

Two Heroes, Two Wars, One Memory 10/30/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/30/03)

The Peace Offer that Wasn’t 11/12/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/12/03)

Notes from the Islamic Front in War of Ideas 11/17/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/17/03

The Osama–Saddam Connection Proved 11/25/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/25/03

Sgt. James Alford- They Finally Did the Right Thing 12/10/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/10/03)

President Bush Sends His Regards 12/22/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/22/03)  

U.S. Army Opens Doors for al Qaeda 12/29/03 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/29/03)  

 Solving the Terror Matrix 1/5/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 1/5/04

Army War College Sponsored a Biased Report 2/3/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 2/3/04)

 Who Banned the U.S. Flag in Kirkuk? 2/18/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 2/18/04

Navy Reserve and Air National Guard to the Rescue 3/11/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 3/11/04)

Depleted Uranium - The Myth that Won't Go Away 4/8/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/8/04

SillyPutty Armor - Promises to Save Soldiers  4/26/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/26/04

Confronting Maritime Terrorism 5/12/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 5/12/04)

The Language of Terror 6/18/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/18/04)

Protecting Troops from Insurance Scams 7/30/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 7/30/04)

Inaction after Army Recruiters Targeted 8/23/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/23/04)

The Aircraft Carrier and the Dhow 8/31/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/31/04

The 900-Percent Ripoff 9/3/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/3/04

When the U-2 Went to Sea 9/7/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/7/04)

The Wrong Sub for New Warfare Era 9/20/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 9/20/04)

Is the Nuclear Submarine Really Invincible? 10/1/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/1/04)

Dead in the Water, But Not Down 10/7/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/7/04)

Even When We’re Fast, We’re Slow 10/11/04/ (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 10/11/04)

A Boot-Camp Disease That Won't Go Away 10/13/04 (Offsite link:  DefenseWatch 10/14/04 )

The Passing of Panmonjom 11/8/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/8/04 )

The Atom Bomb and the Fatwa 11/15/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 11/15/04)

Lining Up to Steal Your Pension 12/29/04 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 12/29/04)

Semper Fi, General Mattis! 2/14/05 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 2/14/05)

The War of Art 3/10/05 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 3/10/05)

New Federal Law Protects Troops’ Finances 4/5/05 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 4/5/05)

The White Table 5/30/05 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 5/30/05)

When Less is More - Airport Security Fiasco 6/5/05 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 6/7/05)

Tales About Target Stores and Other Myths 8/16/05 (Offsite link: DefenseWatch 8/16/05)


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